About Annin - Visit Annin - South Boston, Virginia

Over 160 people are employed at Annin’s 186,000 square foot South Boston, Virginia facility, home to American, state, international and custom flag and banner production.

Gary Gibson, Director of Operations (far left) confers with managers, from left to right
William “Bill” Grainger, Renée Hunt, Jonathan Tatum, Mark McMurray and Ronnie Coble.
Nylon fabric is guided by rollers and vat -dyed to a vibrant red in one of Annin’s five cloth-dyeing jigs.
Brilliant white stars are die-cut and sewn onto blue fields.
South Boston sewing machine operator joins embroidered star fields to stripes.
The South Boston plant uses stand-up cell sewing technology for maximum efficiency and comfort for our employees.
Janice Martin and Deloris Plenty are beating their goal by twenty flags.
Mary Tucker performs final inspection on U.S. flags while she is packing them.
Brian Bilter color matches for accuracy in South Boston’s Art Department.
Three Reggiani Dream Machines produce digitally color matched custom flags with the most exact color accuracy.
Officially licensed U.S. Army flags roll through the automatic tenter frame as part of the print process.
Barbara Swan cuts the Michigan flag in preparation for hemming.
Officially licensed miniature U.S. Marine Corps flags are tacked to 10 inch staffs.