About Annin - Visit Annin - Coshocton, Ohio

In Coshocton, Ohio our 152,000 square foot facility manufactures sewn stripe U.S. flags, U.S. stick flags and patriotic decorations and flags and employs over 150 people.

Rick Merrill, Director of Operations (center) is flanked by Department Managers Richard Payne, Bobbi Parks, Steven Hoop (from left to right) on his left, and by Department Managers Joe Douglass, David Rogers and Ricky Vatter (from left to right) on his right as his holds his staff communications meeting.
Laura Bates slits the rolls of star fields to separate them prior to sewing.
Mark Hepner operates the high-speed slitting machine creating stripes of various widths.
Kimberly Smith in quality control, checks the star fields.
Thousands of miles of red and white stripes are joined together each year on Annin’s automatic sewing machines.
Carol Wolfe is ‘infielding’, the term Annin uses for joining stripes to fields.
Annin’s Coshocton plant produces U.S. flags in the millions using stand-up cellular sewing technology.
Tanya Mounts and Jackie Darr add the grommets to a large American flag.
Annin carefully inspects each U.S. flag prior to folding and packing it.
The Coshocton, Ohio plant also manufactures patriotic bunting and decorations from 100% made-in-the U.S.A. materials.
Tens of millions of stick flags are produced every year by Annin’s dedicated workforce.