About Annin - Visit Annin - Verona, New Jersey

Our Verona, New Jersey plant has the distinction of being Annin’s first manufacturing facility to be located outside of New York City.  Touted as being “The most sanitary and up-to-date flag factory in the world” upon its completion in 1919, the building was erected from start to finish in only 320 working days.

From left, Joe Rachmaciej, Chris Leffer, Plant Manager and Ahillia Haranden measure the seal on the
POW-MIA flag.
Joyce Mumford hems the POW-MIA flag with matching black thread
Silvia Murphy adds canvas heading and grommets
Norma Ratel joins stripes on an American flag
From left, Gloria Vega, Rosa Loaizia and Rosalia Diaz make Quarantine flags
Incoronata DiIorio and Franca Tanelli repair the National 911 flag.