Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I am not sure the proper way to display my American flag under certain circumstances?
Visit the “Flag Etiquette” section of our website, the information there covers most situations. If you do not see the information you need you can contact the National Flag Foundation, their number is 412-261-1776 or you can visit their website at
I have an old Annin flag that has been in my family for years. Now I want to display it  everyday but it needs to be cleaned how do I clean it?
Many US flags sold in the past 20 years have been made of synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester. These can be machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Older flags made of cotton or wool may be more fragile. Natural fabrics tend to deteriorate with age and the fibers become brittle. I would be hesitant to machine- wash these older flags. You can try washing by hand with Woolite or a similar product.
I have an old 48 star flag from Grandma’s attic made by Annin Flagmakers how can I tell if it  has any value as an antique?
There is a website just for that purpose It is hosted by one of America’s most prominent flag experts.
 Is it proper to display an American flag with fewer than 50 stars?
Yes, as long as the flag was once an official US flag it will always remain so. Even the historical US flag such as the 13-star Betsy Ross is still considered an official American flag.

Is it proper to fly a US flag that has been used as a casket cover?

I bought a new flag last week and put it on my car. Now it’s all torn up. Why did it wear  out so quickly?
None of the US flags we make are designed to withstand the stress of being displayed on vehicles and driven on the highway. Even the “auto” flags we make are only meant to be used for short time periods, parades and festivals for example. If you want to show your patriotism on your car it would better to use a bumper sticker or tape a US flag inside a side window. Tying a flag to your antenna or otherwise affixing it to your vehicle is unsafe. It could easily tear loose and fly off, thereby causing an accident.
Do you give tours of your factories?
Sorry, no. We are not allowed due to insurance reasons.
Are all your flags made in the USA?
Yes. We have plants in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.
Why do you have Spanish language on your packaging?

Many customers e-mail with concerns about Annin’s bi-lingual packaging. Bi-lingual packaging is mandated by many of our largest customers. They have a policies in place that state that any product sold in their stores has to have bi-lingual packaging. If we didn't comply we would be heavily fined and could be barred from the stores. We have tried to get an exception based on the nature of our products but these national chains would not make an exception.

We cannot just have the products we sell to some customers in one package and the products we sell to other customers in different packages, that would mean we would have to stock two completely different product lines and it would be a nightmare both financially and in terms of inventory management. That is why even if you purchased your Annin product in a store that does not have this type of requirements for its vendors it has the same packaging.