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Frequently Asked Questions

Flag of Honor Organization

1. What is the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project?
The Flag of Honor Project is a "for profit" company owned by BIE, LLC. Its mission is to distribute the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes as widely as possible so that those who perished on 9/11 will forever be remembered as the individuals they were. It makes money thru the sale of flags, posters and other related items. It uses its income to expand the awareness of the flags by donating flags to individuals and organizations. Tens of thousands of flags have been donated to families, police and fire stations, military bases and soldiers, government offices, world leaders and others. Revenues from the sale of the flags are used for incremental inventories, the installation of Memorial Fields on the 5th, 7th and 8th Anniversaries of September 11, donation of flags as noted above and the costs associated with these programs. These costs include packaging, postage and handling for the flag donations and installation labor, flags and poles and transportation related to the creation of the memorial field when services are not provided by donors. Revenues do not fund salaries or rent.

2. What is the Flag of Honor Fund?
The Flag of Honor Fund is a 501c3 charity. Its mission is to donate a framed canvas of the Flag of Honor to the next of kin of each victim. It raises money thru the sale of Limited Edition canvases of the Flag of Honor and thru donations. It does not receive any direct donations from BIE, LLC. However, BIE, LLC supports the Flag of Honor Fund by covering overhead and paying for shipping of the canvases. One hundred percent of all Flag of Honor Fund income goes directly to paying for the canvases and related expenses.

The Flag of Honor Fund and the Flag of Honor/Flag of Heroes Project are separate operating businesses, one a non-profit and one a for profit. They were created to separate the two initiatives behind the development of the flags. Many confuse the two. As with many charities and start-up companies, we decided that our mission was important and we have contributed significant amounts of personal funds to meet the goals and objectives of each.

3. Why did you create these two flags?
The enormity of loss on September 11th was so overpowering that I felt it was important to be sure we remember the victims by name and not allow them to ever become a statistic. It was important to have a permanent tribute to each of them. The Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes were created so that those who perished on 9/11 would forever be remembered as the individuals they were and never be relegated to mere numbers.

4. Why do you think people would want to buy these flags?
The flags are a historical marker to the events of 9/11 which is one of the most significant events of our lifetime. They give people a tangible connection to that day. Since flags are used as symbols in our country and a flag can be framed or flown it was the best way to create a lasting tribute that the public could embrace on an individual level.

5. What was your goal when you decided to sell these flags?
The goal in selling the Flag of Honor and Flag of Heroes as widely as possible was so that those who perished on 9/11 will forever be remembered as the individuals they were. The more sold, the more we were able to give to organizations and the public. In the 10 years since 9/11 we have distributed over 300,000 flags. Each of those flags carries the names of those who died. That's 300,000 memorials throughout the world for the victims of 9/11.

6. Who has purchased these flags?
We have had orders from around the world for the flags. They are purchased by government entities such as TSA, military, firehouses, police stations, schools and libraries. They have also been purchased by many individuals as well as charities and organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. Many purchase it so they will ‘never forget’ and others use the flag to teach and educate about the event and its impact on our nation.

7. Who have you donated these flags to?
We donated a flag to every police and fire station in NYC. We have donated flags to families of 9/11 victims, government offices, military bases, charity organizations, and many corporations.

8. Who produces your flags for you?
Currently, Annin Flagmakers, the oldest and most respected flag maker in the US and an American company, manufactures the flags in their Virginia plant.

9. How do you distribute the flags for sale?
Flags are for sale on our website www.flagofhonor.org. Approximately 15% of flags are sold this way. The other 85% are sold at less than standard pricing to retailers, charities and other organizations who in turn sell the flags to raise funds for their charities or donate them.
Many charities however purchase the flags at wholesale prices and use the profits to support their own organization. This has included charities such as Voices of September 11, St. Paul's Chapel, Boy Scouts of America, National 9/11 memorial and Museum and NRA Foundation.

10. What proceeds from the sale of the flags go back to charity?
The Flag of Honor Project has made contributions directly to charities and used additional proceeds from the sale of flags to donate additional flags or to increase awareness of the flags. Annin Flagmakers gives 10 % of their net sales to four specific charities to support the families (Voices of September 11th Organization and the Flag of Honor Fund), the soldiers (the Wounded Warrior Project) and the permanent memorial at ground zero (National 911 Memorial and Museum. The donations are taken off sales, prior to netting out the cost of materials, production, packaging, displays and customer programs so profits are significantly less than other products. With the flag donations to military and government organizations as well as the Remembrance Field of Honor at Battery Park, Annin will be close to breakeven.