Display Away

Thank you for your purchase of a DisplayAway™ for exhibiting your flags. DisplayAway was designed to safely exhibit any flag, new or vintage, for a perfect presentation.

  1. Located in the foam packaging cavities you will find the mounting hardware and the rollers for displaying your flag.
  2. Determine and mark the desired top/center (A) where the flag will be displayed on the wall. Measure 2 ¼ inches above this point and make another mark, point (B). Measure and duplicate the distance over from centerline (B) 12 inches in each direction on the wall and place a mark, point (C).
  3. Position the bracket on the wall by aligning the top/inside edge of the bracket as shown above at point(C). Mark the center of each of the four holes on the wall and remove the bracket for drilling. Drill a 3/16” diameter hole, 7/8” deep, centered in each of these marks. Insert the plastic anchors into these holes and hammer flush with drywall.
  4. Reposition the bracket at point (C) and secure it to the wall using the screws provided. Locate and level the other bracket and repeat the steps.
  5. Locate the centerline marked on the bottom of the Displayaway™ Position this line above the centerline (A) on the wall and gently slide the unit down into place.

When the flag is exhibited on the wall, position it with the union uppermost and to the observer’s left.

  1. Locate the rollers that are packaged in the foam packaging. Use the wire handles to insert and position the rollers in the channel.  Leave one roller at each end and randomly space the others.
  2. Position the top edge of the flag in front of the handles of the rollers. Lift the flag straight upward, past the rollers, to the top of the channel.
  3. Reach behind the flag and pull down on the handles of the rollers. This insures that the rollers drop down into the channel to hold the flag securely. 


Annin Flags come with many edges that can all be used with the DisplayAway™.
Grommets: Instead of placing the two rollers at the end of the unit, move them inward slightly to avoid the grommet. The rollers will grab the top edge of the flag.
Pole Sleeves: Because of the slickness of the two layers of nylon you may need to pull downward a little tighter on the handles when exhibiting a flag with a sleeve.  You can also remove the handles from the rollers, slide them into the sleeve, and then slide the sleeve into the channel from the end.


Reach behind the flag and push upward on the handles and the flag will be released.