16 Ft. Portable Fiberglass Pole Instructions

Initial Wheel Base Assembly
Connect the Portable Base Mounting Pipe to the folding base and two hinges with the bolts provided. Please follow drawing below. This is a one-time assembly only. Two wrenches are needed to complete the assembly. DO NOT disassemble after initial assembly.

  1. Connect the pipe (hole closest to end of pipe) to the base with one of the bolts and one locking nut (no washer needed). Do not over-tighten. The bolt and pipe is to remain loose allowing the pipe to swivel.
  2. Connect the side hinges to the pipe with the other bolt, lock nut and two washers. The washers must be placed between the pipe and hinge arms before sliding the bolt through the hinge arms and pipe. Tighten the lock nut until “snug”. The hinge arms must be able to rotate on the pipe with a small amount of tension.
  3. There is no need to disassemble the drive-on
    base after this initial assembly. The base is now
    ready to support your telescopic flagpole.



Simple Set-Up in 30 Seconds

  1. Unfold the portable flagpole bracket. For Parking Lot roll car tire onto the flat portion of the bracket. Make sure that vertical portion of bracket is at least 6” away from car wheel. For Deck, Dock - Use three screws (not provided) to secure the flat portion of the bracket to your deck, dock.
  2. Put flagpole into the PVC tube and pull out the first section (top section) of the pole.
  3. To attach your flag use flag clips and attach the Large Flag Connector to the bottom of the flag. Likewise attach the Small Flag Connector to the top of the flag. Slide the Large Connector to the desired location first then slide the Small Connector on the top of the pole. An X-Large Flag Connector, along with a second Large Connector, is included if you wish to fly a second flag below the top flag*. After sliding the flag connectors on the pole put the Ornamental Silver Ball into the top end of the flagpole. * Note: Only flags 3x5ft. and smaller can be used with pole.
  4. For a permanent extension of the flagpole: Pull up each section of the pole. Align the holes near the end of each section. Twist a “Pole Connector Plug” into the hole at each section. These plugs will securely lock each section in the upright position. To collapse the flag pole, simply remove the “Pole Connector Plugs” from each section and collapse each section.
  5. For Temporary Applications: Firmly pull & twist each section to create the Friction Lock”. The flagpole may stay extended in the vertical position indefinitely, but may collapse with wind motion. If this occurs simply reextend
    the pole.

Home Set-Up
This Flagpole Kit includes a separate Ground Sleeve that allows you to take your flagpole directly from your yard to the game or party!

Home In-Ground Instructions

  1. Cut out a circle of sod about 2 inches thick and 12 inches in diameter. Keep the sod intact as you will place it around the hole later.
  2. Dig a hole about 12 inches in diameter and about 12 inches deep.
  3. Take the 9 inch Ground Sleeve included and tape the bottom of the sleeve to prohibit dirt from getting into the sleeve during installation.
  4. Layer the bottom of the hole with about 3 inchs of small stones for drainage. Keep in mind that you will want to make sure the top of the Ground Sleeve will be level with the top of the ground when finished. This will allow for “no trimming” grass cutting.
  5. Mix quick setting concrete.
  6. Place the collapsed flag pole into Ground Sleeve. Center the Ground Sleeve in the hole.
  7. Pour the concrete mix into the hole being careful not to get concrete mix on the flag pole or inside the Ground Sleeve. Fill the hole with the concrete mix leaving about 2 inches to the top of the hole. This leaves room to replace the sod.
  8. Use a Level to make sure the Ground Sleeve is in a perfectly vertical position. Place the level on the flag pole in all directions to check the vertical position of the Ground Sleeve. You should check for level as you
    are pouring the “quick-set” concrete into the hole.
  9. Pull the flag pole from the Ground Sleeve after you have finished the leveling and the concrete has been poured. Allow 24 hours for the concrete to cure before using the Ground Sleeve.
  10. After the concrete has cured for 24 hours, cut the circle of sod in half and place each half around the pole covering the concrete. To cut your grass, simply lift out the lightweight flag pole and mow right over the Ground
    Sleeve. Then replace the flag pole in the Ground Sleeve. No Trimming!
Click here to download a printable version of these instructions in PDF Format