Freedom to Display the American Flag Act
Earlier this week the "Freedom to Display the American Flag of 2005" was passed by the House and Congress. It was signed July 24th by President Bush.
The new law prohibits Condo Associations and other real Estate Management companies from denying unit owners the right to display the American flags from their individual units. This new law means that even though homeowners may have signed an agreement that restricted modifications to the exterior of their condos or townhouses the display of the American flag is exempted from those rules

This may be a good time to run an ad or to send a mailing to generate consumer awareness about this new law.

The flag holidays coming up in this quarter are:
• July 27th -Korean War Veteran's Day (half-staff)
• September 4th- Labor Day
• September 11th - Patriot Day (half-staff)
• Constitution Day- September 17th.

For more information about this bill please visit the link:

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