The Marine Corps War Memorial Foundation proudly welcomes Annin Flagmakers, America's Oldest and Largest Maker of Flags, on board as a Corporate Sponsor.
As of July 2011 Annin Flagmakers is the Official Supplier of the 10x19 foot Post flags that fly daily above the Marine Corps War Memorials monument, in Arlington Virginia.

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Marine Corps War Memorial Foundation
Virginia's 2011 Charity of the year.

Marine Corps War Memorial Foundation
"Preserving America's Tribute to Her Marines"


The Marine Corps War Memorial is an enduring symbol of America's resolve, a tribute to those who have cherished country above life, and an American icon. It is revered by all Marines, past and present, and by all Marine families. Rising from hallowed ground on Arlington Ridge overlooking the nation's capital, the Marine Corps War Memorial is: "Dedicated to the Marine dead of all wars, and their comrades of other services who fell fighting beside them."

The National Park Service (NPS) is charged by Congress with the responsibilities of maintaining the Marine Corps War Memorial and Memorial Grounds. NPS is doing that to the best of its abilities given the limited funds made available by Congress for that purpose. But even so, the Memorial and the Memorial Grounds do not currently support a high quality Park experience for their more than 1.2 million visitors each year.

Now, after more than a half century, the 7 1/2 acre Memorial and Memorial Grounds deserve new and revitalized protection, preservation, and improved visitor services, in addition to, NPS maintenance of the Memorial and Memorial Grounds.

The Marine Corps War Memorial Foundation looks forward to working with the Marine Corps and with NPS to provide funding for such projects as long-term maintenance, protection, and preservation of the sculpture itself, the sculpture base, improvements to the associated plaza, military reviewing stand, walkways, and parade grounds, and by enhancing each visitor's experience through better public access and restroom facilities.

Dedicated in 1954, the cost for the Memorial's original construction was borne principally by then Active and Reserve Duty Marines who contributed 96% of the total costs. Bought, paid for, and revered by all Marines, we current Marines should now be principally responsible for the preservation of this Marine Corps and American icon.

Please join us in this worthwhile endeavor and help us to help you preserve this national treasure. Contributions should be made payable to the Marine Corps War Memorial Foundation and forwarded to the following address: 


Marine Corps War Memorial Foundation
P.O. Box 101
Winchester, Virginia 22604

The MCWMF is a 501 ( C ) 19 Veterans Organization, Tax ID #26-1138521, recognized exempt under section 501 ( C ) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code, having full contribution deductibility. The MCWMF IRS Letter of Determination is available upon request.

Contact Information;
540-241-8762 (USMC)


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