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Verona flagmaking company repairs National 9/11 Flag Feb 2011
The Family Behind The Flag Feb 2010
America's Flag Maker July 2006
Houston Chronicle Oct 2001
A Nation Challenged Sep 2001
A Banner Season for Stars and Stripes    
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Fly Old Glory to Honor America’s Veterans Oct 2009
Celebrating America with the Stars and Stripes Aug 2009
Honoring the Stars and Stripes on Flag Day May 2009
Saluting the Stars and Stripes in Honor of Memorial Day May 2007
Annin Flagmakers, Inc. Acquires D & P Embroidery Company, Inc. Aug 2006
Flag Makers Ensure Old Glory Made in the USA July 2005
Leading Flag Association Wishes America “Happy Birthday” June 2005
Honoring Memorial Day with Stars and Stripes May 2005
FMAA Honors Patriots Day and Urges All Americans to do the Same with Old Glory April 2005
Guidelines for Flag Display During Wartime May 2004
Old Glory Flies for Us All Apr 2003