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Marine Flags

US and Foreign

Annin & Co offers a line of seaworthy Marine Flags, for use in private or commercial sea crafts.  The American flag is available for Marine use in a number of sizes, dyed or embroidered.  We also offer Marine versions of the flags of Canada, Mexico, Bahamas or Bermuda.  All flags made with especially durable headings and grommets to endure use at sea.


Yacht Ensign
The United States Yacht Ensign is a special flag to be flown over American Yachts.  It bears a strong resemblance to our national ensign, the only difference being the fouled anchor and stars taking the place of the normal star field.  The design was not orignally intended for use as an ensign, it was created and presented to congress by the New York Yatching Club as a signal that would exempt them from having to clear customs after each voyage.  Despite its original purpose, the practice of flying this flag in leiu of the National Ensign began shortly after its creation.  It became widespread and was eventually recognized by even the US Navy.  The practice of flying an ensign in territorial waters ceased to be a legal necessity in 1980, but the tradition has been carried on by Yacht enthusiasts nation wide.


US Power Squadron
Annin & Co is licensed to produce the official flag of the United States Power Squadron, for use by its members.  The flag is an inversion of the Yacht Ensign, featuring 13 blue and white horizontal stripes, with the Yacht Ensign emblem on a red canton.  The flag is used to identify members of the US Power Squadron, a non-profit power boating organization dating back to 1914.

Coast Guard Auxiliary

This is the flag of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, a civilian organization formed in 1939 formed to bolster the official Coast Guard.  The organization consists of voluntary boaters who provide support to the Coast Guard in the form of equipment, education, and inspection.  The flag features a white stripe on a blue field, with the Auxiliary emblem in the center.


Yacht Club Officers’ Flags
Annin & Co offer the full line of American Yacht Club Officer Flags, each designating the presence of an officer board.  The flags are standardized, each designed to correspond to a specific position in a club.  The hierarchy is based off US Naval signals.  The flags feature various patterns, contain either the Yacht emblem or another that relates to their position.

US Union Jack

The United States Union Jack is a navy jack that was used by US Naval warships and assorted other craft in its time.  It is now only officially flown on Sundays and Holidays, but bears significant history and tradition.  It consists only of the elegant American Star Field, canton of our flag.