Let Freedom Ring
Annin Flagmakers would like to dedicate this page of the Annin website to acknowledge and honor those individuals and organizations who have dedicated their efforts to promote respect for the Flag and the freedom it represents. Annin Flagmakers has compiled a handy easy-to-read chart, Flag Education Resources, which lists America’s top patriotic organizations and the variety of products and programs they have to offer.

With the help of Flag Education Resources, you can become your community’s leading source of information on Flag etiquette and Flag history.


The web addresses on this chart link directly to the websites of the participating organizations.

Patriotic Organizations
Flag Education Resources prepared by Annin Flagmakers

National Flag Foundation

Flag Etiquette Other Literature Audio-Visual Other activities Website Address
Our Flag
3.25 x 8.50”
Folded brochure
on flag etiquette

Can be customized with
company’s name and message on front and back panels.

Stars Stripes & Statutes
63 page reference book covering federal & state flag protocol

Flag Facts
Fact sheets about patriotic information pertinent to our Flag and our American heritage. Individual titles include:

1. The Pledge of Allegiance
2. Flag Day
3. The Star-Spangled Banner
4. Folding the Flag, etc.

Many other brochures, posters and art, all with patriotic themes

The Foundation publishes a catalog.
Call 1-800-615-1776

Young Patriots™
Multimedia Educational Series

Includes the following children’s videos:

The Pledge of Allegiance
20 min. VHS

Flag Etiquette
20 min. VHS

The History of the United States Flag
20 min. VHS

The Many Faces
of Old Glory

featuring Vane Scott
57 min. VHS

Young Patriots™ Multimedia
Educational Series
includes the Young Patriots™ website.
The website features entertaining games, activities and assignments geared to middle school students. Two interactive flag video games featured on the site are:
An historic US Flag matching game.
Capture the Flag
Test your wits in answering flag and American history trivia questions
Flags Across America®
A national event to be held on Flag Day 2003 that includes a united
flag ceremony and a special evening concert that will celebrate American music, people and patriotism. A component of Flags Across America® is an ongoing effort to create public flag plazas in communities that feature a 30x60’ US Flag on a 120’ pole.

Contains catalog of patriotic products and order form.

Call 1-800-615-1776

American Legion
Flag Etiquette Other Literature Audio-Visual Other activities Website Address
Lets Be Right on Flag Etiquette Flag Code Booklet

Comic books on civics for Grades 3 through 6

Video kits
for Grades 5
through 12


or call
Veterans of Foreign Wars - VFW
Flag Etiquette Other Literature Audio-Visual Other activities Website Address
Things You Should Know
6 page tri-fold that unfolds into an 11 x 17” poster
Veterans Day and Memorial
Day poster - explains the difference between the two days



Flag Education
A curriculum guide for

Veterans in the Classroom – Vets teach
about flags.

or call 1-800-821-2606
Woodmen of the World
Flag Etiquette Other Literature Audio-Visual Other activities Website Address


American Patriots


1500 Lodges are helping to put up flagpoles in the USA.
(600 poles so far)

Presented more than 940,000 flags to community organizations since 1947.

or call