Fund Raising with Flags

Every organization, school, sports team, church and club reaches out to their community to raise funds and sometimes their success depends on offering a product that every household or business can use. 

Instead of candy, wrapping paper, cheesecakes, magazines, discount coupon books, cookies which are more impulse than useful, virtually every household or business can use a flag.  

Flag Sets are the ideal fundraiser. They’re calorie-free, non-sectarian and won’t pile up un-read on the coffee table.  Many homeowners still do not have U.S.  flags on display; many have old and faded flags. The ones that already have flags in good shape would buy them as gift items. Perhaps custom banners could be more suitable for certain organizations.

Fundraising opportunities are not just limited to the fall but rather on-going throughout the year. Contact the clubs and organizations in your community and find out who the decision maker is. Many times the chairperson for the committee is the same person every year and they don’t want the hassle of making a change. You can overcome their resistance by showing them how profitable selling flag sets can be and make it even easier when you offer them the new Annin Flagmakers Fundraising kit with the dealer sales aid “Key to Successful Fundraising with Flags” kit. You can offer a choice of American flag sets or for even more profit, a custom flag set featuring their team name or organization.

This Annin Flagmakers Fundraising kit includes Fundraising Tips, Project Planning Guide, Press Releases, Order Forms and more.

Extend your reach into your community by being the resource for Fundraising to your local teams, organizations and clubs.  What you do here will help increase your community’s awareness of you which will lead to more sales from the businesses in your community.  Contact your Annin Sales Representative for more information.

Fundraising Pointers and Tips (PDF) Sample Order Form (Word)
Project Planning Guide (PDF) Press Release #1 (Word)
Digital Images (PDF) Press Release #2 (Word)
Fundraising Flyer (PDF) Press Release #3 (Word)
Letter to Local Business (Word) Sample Sales Letter to Executives
for Indoor US Set Postcard
Public Service Announcements (Word)