The following resources have been provided for your convenience. These links will be updated regularly. 

Flag & Flagpole Instructions
  Commercial Aluminum Flagpole Ins  
  Fiberglass Flagpole Instructions
  Spinning Pole Set
  8 Ft. Spinning Pole / See Video here
  Spinning Pole Fasteners | See Video here
  Solar Light for Flagpoles (Large)
  Solar Light for Flagpoles (Small for Poles 5 to 8ft) | See Video here
  Home Flag Set with Cord
  Home Flag Set with Fasteners
  Banner Set
  Style "S" Pole
  Indoor Sets
  Decorative Wood Pole
  Patriot Pole
  Multi Use Telescoping Pole Instructions
  Teardrop Instructions
  16 Ft. Portable Fiberglass Pole Instructions
  Instructions for Flag Spreaders
  20ft 3-Section Flagpole
  Liberty Flagpole (Telescopic with swivel)
  Micro Solar Light
  8ft 2 Piece Aluminum Pole
  Anthem Flagpole & Solar Light
  Flag Fasteners
  Flag Fasteners (Estate Set)
  How to Use Snap Hooks
  Flag Folding Ceremony