Our Factories

Annin Flagmakers, headquartered in New Jersey, proudly employs over 500 American workers. In our three domestic, state-of-the-art factories, US flags are manufactured with advanced stand-up sewing production techniques. State, International and Custom flags are digitally printed and screen-dyed to exact color specifications. In-house research and testing laboratories, together with the art department, are constantly monitoring dye formulas. Annin’s distribution systems are in real-time compliance with customer requirements.


Our 186,000 square foot South Boston, VA facility provides jobs for 162 flag makers and warehouses over 3,000 different products. At this facility, we manufacture American, State, International and Custom flags and banners. With our state-of-the-art Reggiani Renoir digital printers, we are capable of printing any design flag (state, foreign or custom) at 110 linear yards per hour with acid inks on nylon fabric or disperse inks on polyester fabric.


In Coshocton, OH, our 152,000 square foot facility employs over 150 people. Our workers produce over three million full-size American flags every year. Primarily our retail displays are assembled and built in this factory. A variety of decorations are manufactured here including hand-held flags, fans and bunting made to enhance all patriotic celebrations.


Our Cobbs Creek, VA. plant is a 40,000 square foot facility and employees 57 people who output over one million embroidered star fields every year. Epoca embroidery machines produce hundreds of star fields simultaneously; all manufactured with 100% domestic fabric and thread. The Star Fields facility uses 250,000 cones of yarn annually.

Dyeing Jig

Tenter Frame

Digital Printer

Stand-Up Sew Cell

Heading the Flag

Flag Sets

Staged for Finishing

Folded, Ready to Ship

Hemming Field

Epoca Embroidery

Cones of Yarn

Cutting Fields