Choosing The Correct Size Flag

Choosing the right inground flagpole depends on the function, features and desired appearance to meet your needs. There are many other variables to be considered for your selection of a residential grade vs commercial grade flagpole, which also include your climate (high wind areas) and your budget. Inground flagpoles are made of Aluminum (shiny or matte) or Fiberglass (white) and are manufactured in a variety of wall thicknesses designed to withstand a range of wind speeds. The finish is a critical consideration for the pole dependent on location, especially if located in areas near the ocean salt air, acidic rain, desert heat and changing mountain climates.

The installation site and municipality regulations for residential and commercial use will determine the height of the flagpole. Your ability to manage the care of the flag and the flagpole will determine the type of pole and the need for external or internal halyards, cranks, cleats, etc. For additional information regarding correct flag size for flagpoles, visit our Flag Material & Sizes page.

Choosing the correct flagpole to fit your needs should be a decision reached through good planning. Our authorized independent specialty flag retailers and some of our resellers are best suited to guide you through the selection process.